Ms Qing Qi 齊青女士


Date 27 June 2014 Interviewed by Paulina Kanarek
Language English Audio Edited by Ben Fielden 
Venue EuroArt Studios, London    

Qing Qi came to the UK at the age of 24 and lived with her only brother. After one year living in the UK she completed an MA in Art & Design at London Metropolitan University. She financed her degree by selling calligraphy and paintings.

In 2006 after she completed her MA in Art & Design, and with her excellent work experience, Qing Qi successfully applied for the High Skill Immigration Visa. Originally she had planned to stay in the UK for one year and then persuade her brother to return with her to China and reunite their family. However in the end she decided to stay too and build a new career in the UK. Qi Qing and her brother both work hard in order to make their parents proud of their careers in London.

Today, Qing Qi is a contemporary artist creating her own language of painting in the art world. She is also a graphic designer for Loon Fung Ltd. Head Office and teaches Chinese traditional painting. She enjoys sharing her paintings which combine both traditional Chinese aesthetics and contemporary western elements with past and present, self and other.