Mr Kam Lee 李錦怡先生


Date 17 June 2014 Interviewed by Sherri Wong
Language English Audio Edited by Sherri Wong
Venue Kam Lee Associates, London    

Mr Kam Yee Lee was born in Hong Kong. He migrated to the UK in 1982 where he qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 1990 before setting up his professional practice in Central London in 1991.

In 1992 he was invited to join the then newly formed Chinese Conservative Group as its Vice Chairman. At that time the Chinese Conservative Group was the first political group of its kind to be established by British Chinese in the UK.

Over the next decade Mr Lee re-organized and expanded the group to build up a national network with branches in many cities all over the country. In 2002 he was invited to take over as Chairman of the group.
When he joined the Chinese Conservative Group, he set out to achieve three missions:

  • To encourage all British Chinese, old and young to play an active role in the country's politics and contribute their efforts and capabilities for the progress of the country
  • To set as an example and encourage similar political groups to be set up
  • To encourage British Chinese to run for parliament and local councils so that British Chinese would be duly represented in the country's political arena and their talents could be used for the better of the country as a multicultural society.

After twenty years with the group, Mr Lee feels that these three missions have more or less been fulfilled and he retired as chairman of the Chinese Conservative Group early 2014.

Mr Lee is also one of the founders and trustees of the Chinese Welfare Trust, which is a registered charity aims to look after British Chinese elders with extra-care homes to cater for their Chinese cultural background and needs.

He is married to Sandra and they have recently had a baby girl, Yasmin.