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trainingOne of the core objectives of the British Chinese Heritage Centre is to train interns and volunteers with the skills that would be necessary and helpful to become involved in the main tasks of the projects. The training sessions have covered some different topics bringing in experts from various fields. All the areas that were covered by training had direct relevance to aspects that those working with the project would undertake, such as oral history training, video editing, an introduction to content management systems, research methods, and graphical representation of the workforce. Recently we have also welcomed training sessions from experts at History Pin, London Metropolitan Archives, the National Army Museum and Dragonpage to deliver insightful sessions for our volunteers.  As part of the training sessions, we have also offered volunteers educational visits to exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum and talks at the British Library.We hope that by bringing people together we have passed information to generations and communities and given our volunteers useful skills that they can utilise on this project and within their career.

Training workshops are for project volunteers only.

Please email bcafh@ming-ai.org.uk to confirm your attendance. 

Date Training workshop Trainer Venue 
14:00, Thursday 11 Feb 2016 Conservation of DunHuang manuscript and scrolls (currently full) Wong Wingyui British Library
10:00-13:00, Tuesday 1 March 2016 Oral History Interview Training  Robert Fleming Tuke Common Room, Tuke Building, Regent's University London (RUL)
10:30-15:30, Saturday 5 March 2016 Research Method on Community Heritage Workshop part 1 Dr Diana Yeh Darwin 02, Regent's University London (RUL)
10:30-15:30, Saturday 12 March 2016 AV Training session 1 Richard York T217 (Mac Lab), Tuke Building, RUL
10:30-15:30, Saturday 23 April 2016 AV Training session 2 Richard York T217 (Mac Lab), Tuke Building, RUL
(dates TBC) Research Method on Community Heritage Workshop part 2 TBC RUL
(dates TBC) Digital Heritage 1-day session TBC RUL

Ms Michelle Agyakwa, Mrs Karen Broutsos, Captain Robert Guy, Mr Andy Kwok, Ms Michelle Murray, Mr Alan Worsfold, Dr Anne Witchard and Mr Richard York.

The Good Earth Group; Fung Shan Foundation; Regent's University London; SOAS, University of London (Careers Service); Universities' China Committee in London and Rainbow Collective Documentary Production. 

Project Volunteers

Volunteers are involved in all aspects of the project from research, translation, interviewing, audio/video editing, administrative duties, helping with the website and event organisation. Over the past two years the project has delivered 26 training sessions for 78 volunteers including Oral History, Video Production, Web Design, Archiving, Cultural Heritage Education and Exhibition Design with industry professionals including the London Metropolitan Archives; National Army Museum; Regent's University and The Oral History Society.

We wish to thank all the volunteers who have contributed their valuable time and effort towards the British Chinese Workforce Heritage project so far. 

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Our Army

Trained Volunteers 

{tip Avouris, Natasha - Translator::Natasha Avouris Profile Pic croppedI recently returned to the UK after four years in China and I’m currently studying for an MA in Chinese Studies at SOAS.

I found volunteering for the Ming-Ai project a valuable and rewarding experience. I improved my translation skills, as well as learning more about the history of the Chinese community in the UK. Reading the stories of people who were involved in the early development of the UK’s Chinese food industry was a fascinating compliment to my module in Chinese food anthropology at SOAS. I am glad to be involved in such an interesting and important project that I believe will be of great value to future generations.} Avouris, Natasha - Translator {/tip}
Afiegen, John
{tip Blythe, Ursula Mary - Events Assistant, Researcher::UrsulaI am studying a BA in Social and Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths University of London. I spent term one (2014–15) teaching ‘British Cultural Themes’ at Fujian Normal University in China. This sociologically enriched experience has deepened my fascination with Asia, particularly in relation to the rise of China. The British Chinese Workforce Heritage is a compilation of historic narrative, capturing the lives of Chinese immigrant workers in Britain; who paved the way for current and future generations.} Blythe, Ursula Mary - Events Assistant {/tip} Alam, Mashfiqul
Borysewicz, Piotr - Researcher Bowden, Michael
Brown, Martha - Events Assistant Cao, Yue
{tip Chan, Nancy - Events Assistant::NancyChanI was born in the UK, I'm lucky to be in a job that lets me travel and mix with people from different cultures. I love folding origami, particularly to give away as gifts, and get involved in events where I can teach and share it with others!

I have learnt more than I have ever known about how the Chinese community evolved in the UK! Such a fascinating history, and yet none of it has been easily accessible up to now.} Chan, Nancy - Events Assistant{/tip}
Chen, Yiwen
Chau, Abby - Archive Researcher Chiu, Annie
{tip Chen, Xuemei 陳雪梅 - Interviewer::xuemei chenAfter more than 13 years with Save the Children and UNICEF implementing projects to improve the lives of children in China, I have moved to settle in the UK.

Having participated in the training and worked as a volunteer on the British Chinese Workforce Heritage project, I have helped to interview and document the history and lives of some Chinese workers in London. I am passionate to make a positive change in my capacity and will continue to commit to support this project.}Chen, Xuemei 陳雪梅 - Interviewer{/tip}
Chiu, Vickie
Dai, Di 戴迪- Researcher Choi, Mei Yi
{tip Darcy, Artemis - Events Assistant, Interviewer::ArtemisDarcy Marketer for start-up businesses interested in technology and innovation. Lover of Asia, especially China and Chinese culture!

Volunteer helping making knots and representing the Ming-Ai Project in Trafalguar Square on the Chinese New Year 2013.

I have learned a lot about Chinese history, museum curation and oral history skills through the training with the NAM. It was a very insightful experience!}Darcy, Artemis - Events Assistant, Interviewer{/tip}
Cruzado, Sangers Maria Elena
{tip Deng, Robbie Jie 鄧婕 - Researcher, Translator::RobbieDengRobbie Deng has an extensive experience in teaching and educational psychology. She also has a deep interest in traditional Chinese culture, Taoism and Buddhism. Robbie now works as a project manager at a digital agency and hopes to use websites as media to communicate with people who share similar interests.

The project brought me into an almost forgotten yet proud history of the British Chinese community. The British Chinese community is under-represented in comparison to many other ethnic communities in the UK. This project is a channel for people to obtain better understanding of the community and, in turn, the British Chinese gain more recognition. In each training session, I learnt something new about the community, e.g. how the first generation of British Chinese came to the UK, their career, their living conditions, the original China Town, how the China Town in Soho came into shape. These are incredible and valuable pieces of information that help to form the British Chinese community today. I look forward to moving onto the next stage of the project.} Deng, Robbie Jie 鄧婕 - Researcher, Translator{/tip}
Dai, Zhujun
{tip Ermito, Daniele - Research Leader:: Graduated in International Relations and interested in Chinese history, politics and propaganda.

I have joined the Ming-Ai's research team and I have conducted a project research on modern Chinese military history focused on the First Chinese Regiment and on the Chinese Labour Corps employed during the First World War.}Ermito, Daniele - Research Leader{/tip}
Diao, Mengwen 刁夢雯
Franklin, Emily Charlotte 方美麗 - Exhibition Researcher, Interviewer Dong, Lijuan
{tip Gendinning, Kooi Chock - Researcher::KooichookGI am a married 60 year old Malaysian Chinese who came to England in 1972 to do nursing, and then became a biomedical scientist, working my way up in the NHS hospitals for the last 40 years.  I have 4 children and love living in Hackney.  I am also a writer.

I love being part of the Ming-Ai projects contributing, researching and learning about my and others' Chinese roots in England. Speaking to other members I am both shocked and surprised to hear of so much discriminations,  hardships and also achievements we all encounter before, during and after we settle here.

It would have been more interesting if we were given some chances to interview some of the subjects but on the whole I thoroughly enjoy my experience and looking forward to more exciting projects.}Gendinning, Kooi Chock - Researcher{/tip}
Farid, Yaseen
{tip Golby, James 郭傑明 - Translator::JamesGolbyA recent graduate in Chinese from SOAS, I enjoy all things Chinese but especially Chinese literature and music. Working on this project for the Ming-Ai Institute has been really enjoyable and has helped me gain experience translating.

I’ve enjoyed working on a project that will benefit and further understanding between English and Chinese communities in the UK, and to improve/gain experience as a translator. It’s been really interesting reading about the lives of these immigrant communities and how life in the UK has changed.}Golby, James 郭傑明 - Translator{/tip}
Gao, Jie 高潔
{tip Hawkins, David - Interviewer, Transcription ::David Hawkins Profile Pic cropped BSc (Hons) Architecture. Following my graduation from University College London’s Bartlett School of Architecture in 2012, I have worked as an architectural assistant for a practice in central London. During my studies I focused on design and theory led research into the UK’s and China’s vernacular building techniques.

Since joining the British Chinese workforce Heritage Project in 2014 I have been privileged to conduct and transcribe interviews of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Arts and Heritage professionals. Training as a volunteer with Ming-Ai gave me the skills and confidence to contribute to the project and provided the opportunity to continue learning Mandarin with the institute's tutors as well.}Hawkins, David - Interviewer, Transcription{/tip}
Gao, Qinxin 高沁心
{tip Hearing, Thomas William - Event Assistant::Tom Profile Pic croppedTom is an Earth Sciences graduate of Oxford University.  He is currently studying for a PhD at Leicester University.

His passions are fossils, kayaking and Chinese food.}Hearing, Thomas William - Event Assistant{/tip}
Jones, Sarah
{tip Henry, Natasha 娜龍麗 - Transcription::Natasha Henry Profile Pic croppedI'm a recent graduate of the University of Westminster and completed my BA in International Relations and Chinese. I fell in love with the Chinese culture from a very tender age and had the fortune of spending a year in Xi'an back in 2012. Apart from possessing immediate language skills in Mandarin, I'm also an advanced speaker of Spanish.

I believe this is a wonderful project and I'm delighted that I could be a part of it. I have learnt that the Chinese are truly an industrious race with a knack for surviving and even thriving in any part of the world.} Henry, Natasha 娜龍麗 - Transcription {/tip}
Joseph, Ivy
{tip Hu, Xiao (Sophia) 胡瀟 - Graphic Designer:: HuXiaoI am one of Ming-Ai's volunteers dealing with visual graphic! Graduated from Advertising in Northwest University in China in 2011, I came to London to study Design for Graphic Communication in London College of Communication (LCC).

I encountered with Ming-Ai during Chinese New Year and joined in our training session and would like to take the challenge of banner design for our ‘Chinese Medicine and health Practices in the UK’ exhibition. It is my honour to work with this great team.} Hu, Xiao (Sophia) 胡瀟 - Graphic Designer{/tip}
Li, Jing 李京
Jeater, Nathaniel Gideon Joseph - Researcher, Events Assistant Li, Joao
{tip Jing, Yuan 井源- Translator::Jing Yuan Profile Pic croppedAfter getting her masters degree in World History from King's College London, Jing Yuan has been living in Beijing. Before starting her current job at an international institution she worked at a fashion magazine.

Her role as a voluntary translator makes her feel still connected to the island she loves, and she feels grateful to have got to know so many interesting stories of British Chinese through this work.} Jing, Yuan 井源 - Translator{/tip}
Lieu, Ni Cuu
Kadir, Sumayyah - Exhibition Researcher  Lin, Erica
Keane, Thomas - Archive Researcher Liu, Yijun
{tip Laughton-Smith, James 林占美 - Translator::JamesLSI am a translator working in London, graduated with a BA in Chinese Studies from Durham University.

Translating biographical profiles of British Chinese ex-servicemen gave me a fascinating glimpse into a less well-known area of the history of the UK Chinese community. My grandfather, a Chinese immigrant to the UK, was a volunteer fire watchman in London during the Second World War, and even owned a Chinese restaurant in Soho in the 1950s. With this personal connection, I am glad to have been able to volunteer and hope the project will help raise the profile of the British Chinese community and its important contribution to British society. I look forward to continuing to volunteer for the project.}Laughton-Smith, James 林占美 - Translator{/tip}
Lin, Erica
{tip Law, Ricky 羅繼剛 - Photographer::ricky lawMy name is Ricky Law. I am a partner in a firm of Accountants in Enfield. I live with my wife, two children, few tropical fish and one gold fish.

Early 2009 I was recruited by the Dean of Ming-Ai as a volunteer for one of Ming-Ai’s projects and I was assigned to take photos, so since then I called myself “the photographer” and have been involved in numbers of events for various projects.

As a result being a volunteer for Ming-Ai, I have now developed an interest in photography. Recently one of my photos was chosen to be auctioned to raise money for a British sportswoman to complete in next Olympic in Brazil.}Law, Ricky 羅繼剛 - Photographer{/tip}
Liu, Yijun
Li, Chiho 李志豪 - Events Assistant, Transcription Lokhun, Harish
{tip Li, Zhi (Elise) 李智 - Interview Summariser, Translator::EliseHey dear all, this is Elise from Canton, China. I’ve joined the Ming-Ai Project to work as one of the translators, and my main tasks were to assist in making interview transcriptions and to translate some of the profiles of outstanding Chinese in Britain. I applied for the project originally because I love stories and experiences of different people, and in the end it turns out not only have I got a great lot of touching and fascinating ones in return, but I’ve also met a lot of incredible team-members whom I’ve admired and enjoyed working with.

Currently I am an MA graduate and a research degree candidate in Chinese literature from SOAS, University of London, planning to travel in time from the modern to the older ages in the future. In my spare time I’m a newbie housewife, a keen cook, a cinephile, and a photographer who lost her directions on the streets too often.}Li, Zhi (Elise) 李智 - Interview Summariser, Translator{/tip}
Ma, Eunice
Lin-Read, Debby - Translator  Ong, Ee Vonne
{tip Liu, Di 劉菂 – Exhibition Researcher::Di Liu Profile Pic croppedMy main role during the project was researcher for the exhibition on Chinese medicine. What I have learnt from this project is doing research through archive for an exhibition.

I have studied at Peking University and University College London, majoring in sociology and law.} Liu, Di 劉菂– Exhibition Researcher{/tip}
Shum, Leo 岑格致
Liu, Lawrence - Research Leader Su, Tongbin 蘇彤斌
{tip Liu, Yuri 刘奕汝 - Events Assistant::LuiYiruI’m a 22 year-old student from China, now doing a master degree at Goldsmiths, University of London. I have been staying in the UK for 4 years, and have completed my bachelor degree from University of Sussex.

My main role has been voluntary organiser in Chinese New Year activities and the Wishing tree activity at Horniman Museum.

I learnt how to organize the participants and deals with the masses in an activity; how to communicate with organizers and participants in an activity; and how the activities coordinate with partners.} Liu, Yuri 刘奕汝- Events Assistant{/tip}
Su, Xin
{tip Lu, Chaonan (Nancy) 陸超楠 - Translator, Transcription::Chaonan Lu Profile Pic CroppedI am currently a master student studying for an MSc in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health at the University of Bristol.

I Participate in British Chinese Workforce Heritage Project since March, 2014, and mainly responsible for the translating and transcription work during the volunteer role. It is definitely a valuable to work with your team and I really enjoy to coordinate with other team members.} Lu, Chaonan (Nancy) 陸超楠- Translator{/tip}
Sun, Jiaqian (Jessica) 孫佳倩
{tip Ma, Scarlet Hiu Sim 馬曉芯 - Interviewer::Scarlet Ma Profile PicScarlet was born and brought up in Hong Kong. She lived in Taipei for four years before coming to London. She has been a journalist for eight years. She is genuinely interested in people and their life stories, and that led her to participate in this project.

Scarlet is currently working as a freelance marketing consultant, writing press material and providing marketing advice for companies and individuals in the creative industry. She is also training to be a psychotherapist. .} Ma, Scarlet Hiu Sim 馬曉芯 - Interviewer{/tip}
Tan, Win Kee
{tip Mason, Ben 吳佳明 – Translator::Ben Mason Profile Pic Cropped Hailing from North London, Ben has lived in China for the past six years and worked as a quality manager, owed his own bar/restaurant and been a freelance translator. He currently works for the United Nations Development Programme in Beijing and enjoys movies, walking and squash.

Working on this project has really put into perspective the mix of people who have contributed to this country, and made me realise that we take many things for granted. The stories of peoples’ lives vividly illustrate a past age and I think it is wonderful that we are saving this fascinating snapshot for posterity.} Mason, Ben 吳佳明– Translator{/tip}
Theobald, Oliver
Migliaresi, Giorgia - Media Assistant Wang, Shan
{tip Ngui, Yu Ket (Alex) 魏友國 - Archive Researcher, Interviewer, Translator, Events Assistant::Alex Ngui Profile PicAlex joined in the second year of the project and attended training sessions on research methods and oral interview techniques. He subsequently put these newly acquired skills into practice by conducting three interviews, as well as doing translations of interviewee profiles. Alex has enjoyed the challenge of engaging the interviewees into telling more of their stories, and meeting other project volunteers and staff. He is a keen hiker and tennis player.} Ngui, Yu Ket (Alex) 魏友國 - Archive Researcher, Interviewer, Translator, Events Assistant {/tip} Xiong, Muoli
{tip Nix, Peter 黎啟杭 - Translator::PeterNixI’m currently working on an MA in Pacific Asian studies at SOAS, University of London. Before coming to the UK, I lived in China for 4 years and developed a strong interest in the languages and history of the country. I also love to cook, Asian food is the best!

I learned a lot about the history of Hong Kong and the functions of the British Military units stationed there, and a lot of new Chinese terminology.} Nix, Peter 黎啟杭 - Translator{/tip}
Xu, Yuting 徐雨婷
Norwood, Samuel - Interviewer, Researcher, Event Leader Yang, Fu-Hua
{tip Quan, Gary 關家豪 - Videographer::GaryQuanMy name is Gary and my role in this project is to create the seafaring video.

During my time volunteering here at Ming-Ai, I have learnt a lot about the role of Chinese sailors in Britain for instance, I was surprised that the Chinese community stretched so far back in history.} Quan, Gary 關家豪 - Videographer{/tip}
Yang, Qing 楊清
{tip Rabatinova, Lenka - Research Leader::LenkaRabatinovaDocumenting history of the Chinese community working in the hand laundry industry has been an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding experience.

I really enjoyed going back in time and compiling information about how people lived and what conditions they worked in.} Rabatinova, Lenka - Research Leader{/tip}
Zhang, Christine
{tip So, Nelson 蘇啟豪 - Exhibition Researcher, Translator ::Nelson So Profile Pic croppedI’m from Hong Kong and am interested in historical research on the migrants’ communities.

It is my pleasure to help with the project based on my Cantonese- and Mandarin-speaking ability, as well as my proficiency on both traditional and simplified Chinese characters.} So, Nelson 蘇啟豪{/tip}
Zhang, Yu 張宇
So, Ivan 蘇軒朗 - Translator  
{tip Srichareon, Wandee - Interviewer::WandeeSrichareonI am a former international customer services professional with advanced interviewing skills. I am an effective bi-lingual communicator in Thai and English in which I have a teaching degree. I enjoy challenging people-orientated tasks involving engagement, client services and negotiation. My interests include cookery, photography, travel and gardening.

I have learned to apply my interviewing skills in a different context to obtain information from subjects for the benefit of the project. I have enjoyed meeting, engaging and working with fellow volunteers and the Project Team to learn new skills and knowledge from the training provided by the institute.} Srichareon, Wandee - Interviewer{/tip}
{tip Tan, Claudia - Researcher::ClaudiaTanI graduated with a LLB from the LSE. I then continued my LLM at UCL and completing the LPC course at the BPP Law School. After graduation, I worked for Euromoney. I currently own and run KHH Property Consultancy assisting overseas buyers source and purchase properties in Central London.

I assisted Ming-Ai (London) Institute with the research on first Chinese in the newer professions and also on the legislation surrounding Chinese Medicine.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience during the training and the research process. I have also learnt and discovered more venues for research.} Tan, Claudia - Researcher{/tip}
{tip Tang, Catherine 唐偉貞 - Translator::CatherineTang I am from Taiwan, came to UK 3 years ago to study MBA. I am now working for a mobile social game company in Scotland. I love traveling, history and music. Always on a look out for new and exciting adventures cos life is short, you can only make it as much as you can.

My main responsibility during the project was being a translator.

So much of the Chinese and British relationship that happened in the history is my favourite part of the project.} Tang, Catherine 唐偉貞 - Translator{/tip}
Wan, Kim - Event Assistant  
Wang, Jie Jing 王潔靜 - Column Writer  
{tip Wang, Jingzhong Jerry 王靖中 - Archiving, Events Assistant::Jingzhong Wang Jerry Profile PicI came to the UK in 2009 for a foundation course and then my bachelor degree on social anthropology at SOAS. In the summer of 2014, after one year of travelling and volunteering in Peru, I returned to SOAS for a master on anthropology of food specifically. My interest has long been focused on food, including the culture and history in relations to it. Before joining this project, I worked for another project of Ming-Ai named 'Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors', collecting recipes and little stories about food for cooking classes taught at primary schools around London. This gives me an insight of how the knowledge and skills of Chinese food have been spread and adopted overseas.

By participating in this project of 'British Chinese Workforce Heritage', I have learned a lot more about the stories and experiences of Chinese migrants in this country than ever. Catering, along with laundry and barbershop, was one of the most important business for early Chinese immigrants in Britain. Through eating together, interpersonal relations, social networks and even communities have been able to be established. When listening to these interviews, I can clearly feel that food is an indispensable means for Chinese people to memorize and understand their past. I'm very proud that I can be engaged in this project!} Wang, Jingzhong Jerry 王靖中 - Archiving, Events Assistant {/tip}
{tip Wang, Xiaoyi 王瀟軼 - Translator::XiaoyiWangMSc International Employment Relations and HR Management, LSE.

It is amazing to participate in such a meaningful program. The training were fantastic and gladly I could actually spend my effort to contribute.} Wang, Xiaoyi 王瀟軼 - Translator{/tip}
{tip Watson, Elizabeth - Events Assistant::ElizabethWatsonElizabeth Watson studied Chinese at Durham University, and lived, after graduation, in Shanghai and Kunming. She self-published a book of oral histories (entitled Memories of Old Shanghai), a project which grew from curiosity about the experiences of ordinary elderly Shanghai citizens.

She has really enjoyed volunteering with Ming-Ai and learning more about the practices and theory behind oral history. She helped with Ming-Ai's lively Chinese New Year stand.} Watson, Elizabeth - Events Assistant{/tip}
{tip Wen, Yuni 文宇妮 - Translator::YuniWenA postgraduate student of London School of Economics.

I will never forget those amazing stories of interviewees.} Wen, Yuni 文宇妮 - Translator{/tip}
{tip Xu, Jiali 徐嘉莉 - Translator::jialixuMajored in Chinese Language and Literature, Writing, Folk Literature, and Anthropological Research Methods. With a particular interest in folk culture, she has participated in research projects of Lingnan area (i.e. the south of the Five Ridges), and composed papers about Cantonese food culture, custom and etiquette, etc. She is currently working on China’s intangible cultural heritage projects.} Xu, Jiali 徐嘉莉 - Translator{/tip}  
Yang, Rachel 楊向群 - Translator  
{tip Yip, Pauline 葉寶玲 - Translator::PaulineYipIn my spare time I enjoy travelling and in recent years have tried to visit more of UK as I realise there are a lot of beautiful places which are often underrated by many. I also like to go walking in the countryside just to make myself feel better as I hardly do any exercise!

Being a second generation Chinese in UK and BBC (British Born Chinese) I was very interested to hear of this project and to find out more about the history of the Chinese population here. My extended family has now grown to the fourth generation in UK so I hope this project will help them to understand more about themselves when they grow up.} Yip, Pauline 葉寶玲 - Translator{/tip}
{tip Yu, Diaoyuan (Shirley)余甸源 - Translator::Shirley Yu Profile Pic croppedI am a Chinese student doing masters program in Cultural and Creative Industries in Kings College London and I joined in BCWH project as a volunteer in January 2014. I participated in some video making courses and learned some practical production skills.

BCWH is doing very interesting research that explores the history and development of British Chinese community; I have gained much more understanding about Chinese in Britain. Thanks to all members in BCWH project!.} Yu, Diaoyuan (Shirley) 余甸源- Translator{/tip}
Yu, Xinxin 于欣鑫 - Events Assistant  
{tip Zhang, Junping (Jane)張俊萍 - Interviewer, Translator::Jane Zhang Profile Pic CroppedI spent more than 10 years as a university English lecturer in China and now I am a university Mandarin lecturer in the UK.

I volunteered in the oral history project as an Interviewer and translator. I greatly enjoy being involved in the project and have learned a lot about the history, development and heritage of the British Chinese workforce. I am happy to provide continuous help to enhance the mutual understanding and integration between British and Chinese society. .} Zhang, Junping (Jane)張俊萍 - Interviewer, Translator{/tip}
{tip Zhao, Jing (Kelly) 趙靜 - Events Assistant::KellyJZI am Kelly, a postgraduate pursuing Master degree in Organizational and Social Psychology at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). I come from Shanghai, China, and I am attracted by both Chinese and British culture. I hope I can do more for valuable programs or projects run by NGOs by my efforts.

I really appreciate the whole set training provided by Ming-Ai during the process. I learnt to make a simple webpage, to conduct face-to-face interview more professionally, to archive files and knowledge various aspects including PR and military history. All of these are fresh to me. I also made many friends through this project. The experience of selling Chinese Knot in Trafalgar Square with other team members became a precious memory for me. A big thank you to you all.} Zhao, Jing (Kelly) 趙靜 - Events Assistant, Archive Researcher{/tip}
{tip Zhen, Zhaoping 甄兆平 - Researcher Leader, Events Assistant, Translator::ZhenZhaopingI come from China and graduated from the School of International Studies in Peking University. I am currently undertaking a MA course of European History at UCL. One of my main motivations in coming to UK was to further my knowledge of European culture and the communication between the West and East.

I helped with the research on Chinese immigrants who worked in laundries, and also did several piece of works of proofreading and translating.

The trainings on research and interview were interesting and helpful. The skills I learned not only useful in this project, but also a great help for my own dissertation research. The workshop in the Army museum and the walk in the Limehouse were my favourite activities which allowed me to touch and feel the history beyond the recording and archives.} Zhen, Zhaoping 甄兆平 - Researcher Leader, Events Assistant{/tip}
Zheng, Ping 鄭平 - Translator  
Zhu, Angela - Interview Summariser  


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