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trainingOne of the core objectives of the British Chinese Heritage Centre is to train interns and volunteers with the skills that would be necessary and helpful to become involved in the main tasks of the projects. The training sessions have covered some different topics bringing in experts from various fields. All the areas that were covered by training had direct relevance to aspects that those working with the project would undertake, such as oral history training, video editing, an introduction to content management systems, research methods, and graphical representation of the workforce. Recently we have also welcomed training sessions from experts at History Pin, London Metropolitan Archives, the National Army Museum and Dragonpage to deliver insightful sessions for our volunteers.  As part of the training sessions, we have also offered volunteers educational visits to exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum and talks at the British Library.We hope that by bringing people together we have passed information to generations and communities and given our volunteers useful skills that they can utilise on this project and within their career.

Training workshops are for project volunteers only.

Please email bcafh@ming-ai.org.uk to confirm your attendance. 

Date Training workshop Trainer Venue 
14:00, Thursday 11 Feb 2016 Conservation of DunHuang manuscript and scrolls (currently full) Wong Wingyui British Library
10:00-13:00, Tuesday 1 March 2016 Oral History Interview Training  Robert Fleming Tuke Common Room, Tuke Building, Regent's University London (RUL)
10:30-15:30, Saturday 5 March 2016 Research Method on Community Heritage Workshop part 1 Dr Diana Yeh Darwin 02, Regent's University London (RUL)
10:30-15:30, Saturday 12 March 2016 AV Training session 1 Richard York T217 (Mac Lab), Tuke Building, RUL
10:30-15:30, Saturday 23 April 2016 AV Training session 2 Richard York T217 (Mac Lab), Tuke Building, RUL
(dates TBC) Research Method on Community Heritage Workshop part 2 TBC RUL
(dates TBC) Digital Heritage 1-day session TBC RUL



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Ming-Ai (London) Institute was awarded a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to conduct the British Chinese Workforce Heritage project, a groundbreaking three-year project looking at the history and contribution of the British Chinese workforce in London over the last 150 years. 

The project will record and document peoples’ experiences in a range of employment industries including seafaring, laundry, hairdressing, catering, military, community centres, health care, traditional Chinese medicine and newer professions through research and oral history interviews. 

The project was launched in June 2012 and will run until May 2015.


Project Logo 

LOGO image only red

The project logo was designed to reflect “knotting”, the ancient Chinese method of record keeping. Knots could also be auspicious and used to convey blessings. The “knot” logo incorporates the character “華” which means “Chinese”.



Project Internship Programme

Training is at the heart of this project and over the past two years the British Chinese Workforce Heritage project has offered six-month internships to ten individuals. Project interns participated in all project training and had the opportunity to be involved in different aspects of the project depending on their background and interests these included: graphic design, organising events, web development, interviewing, video and audio production, developing cultural heritage walks, coordinating exhibitions and research trips to Liverpool and Manchester. To learn more about their work, please see the [Our Team] tab on the right-hand side of this page.

The British Chinese Workforce Heritage project internship scheme is now closed.


Project Volunteers 

For more information on our Volunteers, please see the [Volunteers] tab on the right-hand side of this page.



Our heartfelt thanks to those who have supported the project behind the scenes, without their help we would not have been able to get this far.

Ms Michelle Agyakwa, Mrs Karen Broutsos, Captain Robert Guy, Mr Andy Kwok, Ms Michelle Murray, Mr Alan Worsfold, Dr Anne Witchard and Mr Richard York.

The Good Earth Group; Fung Shan Foundation; Regent's University London; SOAS, University of London (Careers Service); Universities' China Committee in London and Rainbow Collective Documentary Production. 

Project Volunteers

Volunteers are involved in all aspects of the project from research, translation, interviewing, audio/video editing, administrative duties, helping with the website and event organisation. Over the past two years the project has delivered 26 training sessions for 78 volunteers including Oral History, Video Production, Web Design, Archiving, Cultural Heritage Education and Exhibition Design with industry professionals including the London Metropolitan Archives; National Army Museum; Regent's University and The Oral History Society.

We wish to thank all the volunteers who have contributed their valuable time and effort towards the British Chinese Workforce Heritage project so far. 

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Our Army

Trained Volunteers 

Avouris, Natasha - Translator Afiegen, John
Blythe, Ursula Mary - Events Assistant Alam, Mashfiqul
Borysewicz, Piotr - Researcher Bowden, Michael
Brown, Martha - Events Assistant Cao, Yue
Chan, Nancy - Events Assistant Chen, Yiwen
Chau, Abby - Archive Researcher Chiu, Annie
Chen, Xuemei 陳雪梅 - Interviewer Chiu, Vickie
Dai, Di 戴迪- Researcher Choi, Mei Yi
Darcy, Artemis - Events Assistant, Interviewer Cruzado, Sangers Maria Elena
Deng, Robbie Jie 鄧婕 - Researcher, Translator Dai, Zhujun
Ermito, Daniele - Research Leader Diao, Mengwen 刁夢雯
Franklin, Emily Charlotte 方美麗 - Exhibition Researcher, Interviewer Dong, Lijuan
Gendinning, Kooi Chock - Researcher Farid, Yaseen
Golby, James 郭傑明 - Translator Gao, Jie 高潔
Hawkins, David - Interviewer, Transcription Gao, Qinxin 高沁心
Hearing, Thomas William - Event Assistant Jones, Sarah
Henry, Natasha 娜龍麗 - Transcription Joseph, Ivy
Hu, Xiao (Sophia) 胡瀟 - Graphic Designer Li, Jing 李京
Jeater, Nathaniel Gideon Joseph - Researcher, Events Assistant Li, Joao
Jing, Yuan 井源 - Translator Lieu, Ni Cuu
Kadir, Sumayyah - Exhibition Researcher  Lin, Erica
Keane, Thomas - Archive Researcher Liu, Yijun
Laughton-Smith, James 林占美 - Translator Lin, Erica
Law, Ricky 羅繼剛 - Photographer Liu, Yijun
Li, Chiho 李志豪 - Events Assistant, Transcription Lokhun, Harish
Li, Zhi (Elise) 李智 - Interview Summariser, Translator Ma, Eunice
Lin-Read, Debby - Translator  Ong, Ee Vonne
Liu, Di 劉菂– Exhibition Researcher Shum, Leo 岑格致
Liu, Lawrence - Research Leader Su, Tongbin 蘇彤斌
Liu, Yuri 刘奕汝- Events Assistant Su, Xin
Lu, Chaonan (Nancy) 陸超楠- Translator Sun, Jiaqian (Jessica) 孫佳倩
Ma, Scarlet Hiu Sim 馬曉芯 - Interviewer Tan, Win Kee
Mason, Ben 吳佳明– Translator Theobald, Oliver
Migliaresi, Giorgia - Media Assistant Wang, Shan
Ngui, Yu Ket (Alex) 魏友國 - Archive Researcher, Interviewer, Translator, Events Assistant Xiong, Muoli
Nix, Peter 黎啟杭 - Translator Xu, Yuting 徐雨婷
Norwood, Samuel - Interviewer, Researcher, Event Leader Yang, Fu-Hua
Quan, Gary 關家豪 - Videographer Yang, Qing 楊清
Rabatinova, Lenka - Research Leader Zhang, Christine
So, Nelson 蘇啟豪 Zhang, Yu 張宇
So, Ivan 蘇軒朗 - Translator  
Srichareon, Wandee - Interviewer  
Tan, Claudia - Researcher  
Tang, Catherine 唐偉貞 - Translator  
Wan, Kim - Event Assistant  
Wang, Jie Jing 王潔靜 - Column Writer  
Wang, Jingzhong Jerry 王靖中 - Archiving, Events Assistant  
Wang, Xiaoyi 王瀟軼 - Translator  
Watson, Elizabeth - Events Assistant  
Wen, Yuni 文宇妮 - Translator  
Xu, Jiali 徐嘉莉 - Translator  
Yang, Rachel 楊向群 - Translator  
Yip, Pauline 葉寶玲 - Translator  
Yu, Diaoyuan (Shirley) 余甸源- Translator  
Yu, Xinxin 于欣鑫 - Events Assistant  
Zhang, Junping (Jane)張俊萍 - Interviewer, Translator  
Zhao, Jing (Kelly) 趙靜 - Events Assistant, Archive Researcher  
Zhen, Zhaoping 甄兆平 - Researcher Leader, Events Assistant  
Zheng, Ping 鄭平 - Translator  
Zhu, Angela - Interview Summariser  


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